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Although it is somewhat of a necessary evil, dating can actually be a half-way decent experience for both the man and the woman if they are both on the same page about how it should be done. But, as many discover, that isn’t always the case. There really is no ‘official’ handbook for dating and there are numerous schools of thought on how it ought to be done, so the chances that both are on the same page at the same time are slim.

This blook has been an attempt to give men and women a method for dating that they can agree upon. It is certainly not the method for dating, but it is one that could make dating more of an honorable pursuit rather than an awkward, painful, and heartbreaking merry-go-round (even if the couple breaks up).

The the core ideas of this method have been these: Read the rest of this entry »

If a wedding is not followed by a marriage, then it is no different than a broadway musical:  an extravagant performance of songs, dances, and really good acting in front of an audience of well-dressed people who put up a lot of money to get a seat.

It’s all too easy to make a condition-less promise of love to another person while wrapped up in a euphoria of emotions. When enraptured in feelings of love, it’s reasonable for anyone to make a solemn commitment of love to another person (while actually meaning it), but, then, once the feelings wear off, completely abandon his or her word. Read the rest of this entry »

The first week or two after my wife and I got engaged were way more exciting and fun than we expected. Announcing the big news to our friends and extended family was a treat. We paraded around town like we were king and queen. But it didn’t last. By the end of the month we were back in ‘the routine’ again and the only difference was that she had a ring on her finger and a bunch of stuff to plan.  Neither of us really knew how the excitement slipped away and we both regretted not being more intentional with our time.

We were not the only ones. Friends told us similar stories of bickering, stress, and tension that characterized their engagements too. As strange as it may sound, the engagement period can often be one of the more stressful, frustrating, and emotional periods of the entire relationship.

Even though it can be a difficult time – it doesn’t have to be. Read the rest of this entry »

Once you have decided that the person you are dating is “the one”, then it’s time to propose (men, I’m looking at you). Engagement is the last DTR a dating couple will ever have; it effectively ends the dating relationship. The couple has decided that they are ready to promise their love to each other without condition or expectation.

Of course, getting engaged is one of the most highly anticipated moments for any man or woman. It should be something that happens once in a lifetime and becomes a story that the couple can tell for years to come. Read the rest of this entry »

Remember, dating is a necessary evil. The longer relationships go the more faults and unmet expectations a man and a woman will inevitably find with each other. However, a man or a woman knows that they have found “the one” when he or she sees the mounting flaws and failures of the other person and makes a promise to love the other person anyway – no strings attached.

Obviously not every relationship makes it to that point.

Why not? Read the rest of this entry »

Author: Matt Lantz

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