A front-door man always plans out a date before taking the woman out. At no point should he ever ask the woman, “So, what do you feel like for dinner tonight?” as he is driving her to dinner. The date is the opportunity for the man to communicate to the woman (without using words) that she is worth the time and energy it takes to plan out a nice evening together. But, as most guys have found out rather quickly, coming up with dates isn’t always that easy. 

So, this appendix article is a list of 10 categories of dates that couples can try out in some form or fashion. Since dating is supposed to help the man and the woman get to know each other, then the dates should span a wide variety of activities so that each person’s qualities have a chance to shine.

Since a meal will always be a part of a date (isn’t that weird, by the way? Here’s a crazy idea: try going on a date without eating or drinking anything. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible), these are some ideas for what to do before, during, or after the meal.

1. Dance together. I know, this really isn’t a category, but I think it’s one of the best dates a couple can have together. Most women adore dancing and most men need to realize that it’s actually more fun than they think it will be. It’s a great way to spend an evening because it is filled with opportunities for the couple to get to know each other on a variety of levels. Don’t know how to dance? There’s a great opportunity for a date!

2. Serve together. Now, on to more general categories. One of the aspects I would want to know about the person I was dating would be how much they do or do not enjoy volunteerism. So, the couple could volunteer at a soup kitchen, food pantry, homeless shelter, after-school program or any other community initiative as a date. Volunteering together is a great opportunity to get to see sides of a person that you don’t normally get to see.

3. Learn together. How cool would it be for the man to take the woman to a cooking class for a date? They could learn how to cook some kind of gourmet meal and then enjoy eating it afterwards. The same can be done at a hardware store & the couple could spend the afternoon learning how to do a woodworking project. Touring a museum or other historical landmark is also a great chance to learn together.

4. Adventure together. These tend to be the more fun and crazy type dates. Rock climbing, hiking, geo-caching, snorkeling/scuba-diving, hot-air-balloon rides, road trips to places neither person has ever been before, and on and on. Adventure is another great way to learn about the other person’s character and personality (especially when the adventure doesn’t go as planned!).

5. Observe together. Not everyone is into high-adventure type dates, though. Some people prefer the more laid-back and relaxed option of people-watching at a mall, going to a musical or a play, attending a concert, or just watching a movie. These experiences don’t offer much in the way of get-to-know-you types of experiences while they are happening, though. It’s not until the discussion that happens afterwards do the learning opportunities begin.

6. Be outside together. A picnic date is a must at some point in the dating relationship, right? I feel like that’s written in stone somewhere. In addition to picnics, couples can also enjoy outdoor festivals, photography scavenger hunts, and visits to the local zoo.

7. Play together. The couple should not forget the simple awesomeness of dates that are filled with play. Candle-lit dinners have their place, but an epic game of frisbee golf can be just as endearing sometimes. Sometimes. An evening of board games (especially with other friends or family) can also be a great way to get to know other people that are important to the person you are dating. Scavenger hunts (if not used frequently) are also great ways to have fun.

8. Create together. One of my favorite dates that my wife and I had together was the chance to go out to a park – each with a blank canvas – and spend the afternoon creating an oil painting. Although my wife is an excellent painter, I had never painted a stroke with oil in my life. I learned a lot about her that afternoon. Couples could spend a date doing arts and crafts, photography, a home video, etc. as a fun way of learning the creative talents of the other person.

9. Work together. How else will you be able to learn what kind of work ethic the other person has if you don’t have the chance to work together? Now, it doesn’t need to be boring or tedious work – but certainly a chance to get one’s hands dirty. A couple could plant a flowerbed together, wash each other’s cars, workout or even clean house together. Discovering how hard a person works is a fairly important part of getting to know one another, right?

10. Double date together. Finally, I strongly recommend that the dating couple find opportunities to double date with other couples. Getting to know one another’s friends is an incredible way to gain further insight into the life of the person whom you are dating. It’s also a lot of fun. So, as you’re making up your dates, don’t forget to include his or her friends in your planning.

These are simply categories of dates that a man can use to help get the ball rolling on an actual date. The man should make sure the date is special to the relationship he is in (rather than just using someone else’s idea for a date). A couple that has been dating for years or weeks can use any of these categories, but it’s up to the man to set the romantic tone/mood of the date base on the stage of the relationship. Whatever the case, hopefully this helps the guys out there plan out some great dates for the women they are dating so that they can make sure they feel valuable.


Do you have any other categories that you would add to this list?

Have you planned or been on a date that was so good that you should probably share it here so other guys can copy it?

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